quiet lights


Hi, we’re Quiet Lights from Brooklyn, NY.

Booking/Band Contact : heyquietlights at gmail dot com
Press/PR Contact : beth at dangervillage dot com


“Quiet Lights expertly blend ’90s shoegaze with contemporary Krankiness. It’s washed-out, restrained, sensitive, oozing with textures…like JAMC drifting to sleep in their own honey.” – Village Voice

“If the sounds of Sigur Ros and MGMT were to softly collide, you’d have the ethereal waves of Quiet Lights…emotive music at its best” – NYLON Magazine

“from Brooklyn, but they sound like they’re from a quieter, more perpetually snow-blanketed country. Their sound is a little bit shoegaze, and a little bit of the soaring orchestral swoop of Sigur Ros, plus some of that latent kinetic energy in the Stars’ best songs.” Flavorpill

“Thick, lush guitars, moody vocals, tidal wave drum procession…the kind of thing for anyone who was brought up on a healthy dose of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and Come” RCRD LBL

“crafting an intense, wall-of-sound style that can fill any room. Their music is complex and densely layered, at times aircraft-engine loud…This is music that can make you love clouds and storms and vast, open spaces, somehow both dark and light at once.” nyctaper

“The band’s ethereal weightlessness floats thoughtfully and with reason – these are songs that take their time to sink deeply into your consciousness – making them stronger with every listen.” Bowlegs Music Review

“dreamy vocals flirt with minimalist guitars, as feedback drones on under their feet…it’s gloomy and mesmerizing, sounding like a throwback to Slint’s Spiderland. And it’s no less provocative.” In Your Speakers

“Powered by soft female vocals surrounded by cascading percussion and electric guitars…Something that allows for a deep exhale, slipping into the lightness of it all.” Friends With Both Arms

“purveyors of a gorgeous, dream-like crafting of heart-rendering harmonies. That’s all you need to know.” Music Fan’s Mic. UK

“once you listen to this samplers interesting arrangements, exquisite percussion and captivating lead singer you’ll see that they deserve all the attention I am giving them and much more.” Music Vagabond

“Blending the sonic wall-of-sound of early 90s shoegaze with the current lurching haziness of dream pop, their sound is ethereal and translucent yet pressing and powerful.” Suitcase Orchestra

“the percussion is to die for– deep bass, slow, nearly tribal…Quiet Lights was ethereal, to say the least, with heavily reverbed vocals that sound dewy-fresh and childlike.” Paper Trail